Four Winds LBK Owners
About Four Winds on Longboat Key, Florida Owners
This website is for Owners of Four Winds on Longboat Key, Florida to list Sales and Rentals.
Anyone can register to look for Units, or List Units.
Once Registered, you can go to the link "My Listings" to List and upload images of the Unit.
Or, if you are interested in Sales or Rentals, there is a link for that as well!
Once inside of the site, there are several links for navigating the site:
| Home | My Account | My Listings | My Wanted Listings | Rentals | Sales | Gallery | Logout | About |
Home: Goes to the Main Menu (as listed above) where a Random Photo can be clicked for viewing.
My Account: Is for managing your Name, Logon, Email, etc...
My Listing: First visit you will need to enter the UNIT Number. That becomes the place-holder for information & photos.
My Wanted Listing: This page allows for people to post a Listing for wanting to Rent or Buy.
Rentals: Will be a complete listing of Rental Units that are available, the Year, Month, and photos that have been uploaded.
Sales: The listing on this page will be Units for Sale, and the Weeks.
Gallery: A general Library of photos that have been uploaded into the site, and are not part of Rentals nor Sales.
Logout: We are sure you can figure that out:-)
About: Loads this page.